18 October 2018

The Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series are considered two of the most luxury, large saloons on sale today, sitting as the flagship in their maker’s respective model line-ups.

This week’s video is the ultimate showdown between the two, testing the luxury saloons on-road to discover which is the best to drive.

We took them to some of our favourite Welsh B-roads to see how they fared in driving dynamics and examined the interiors and extensive kit to find out which takes the crown in the luxe-barge world.

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20 October 2018

 Yes, I think the fact that there were so many basic flaws on the Audi through design and workmanship which just shouldn’t happen on a £70K+ Car, the squeaky centre stack, the fact the tester was amused by a revolving vent ( Jaguar did it in the XF an RollsRoyce too), they both commenting on the lack of feel from the steering and the brittle ride, they also mentioned the delay on the throttle when waiting to leave a junction which I think could be dangerous, I think the BMW looks sporty and the Audi just looks heavy it has no appeal at all, even if the Audi interior is better it doesn’t make up for not getting  the basics right.

Peter Cavellini.

20 October 2018

Indeed. Intuitive, predictable dynamics are a bonus at any speed and any road, not just Welsh B roads. Why can’t Audi get the A8 right after all this time?

20 October 2018

In petrol, the only 7 series version is a hybrid 4 pots ?!

Where is BMW ?


20 October 2018

how did that monsterous grill get final approval.it looks like it was designed to stop small cows penetrating the radiator.

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