The rise & fall of American Motors Corporation

How one of the biggest corporate mergers in American history derailed

16 April 2019

World's greatest three-seater cars

Take a look at the best three-seater cars the motoring world has ever had to offer

15 April 2019
Porsche Taycan prototypes in winter testing
Clever electronics give the Taycan impressive traction even on snow

First ride: Porsche Taycan development prototype

Porsche has built its sporting reputation on the 911, but can the Taycan pave the way to an electric future?

14 April 2019
Driving the Lister Knobbly
Perfectly sized for the road, but most suited to the track

Driving the ultralight Lister Knobbly continuation

The Lister ‘Knobbly’ was born for racing in the 1950s. Now new versions are replicating their glory on the road

14 April 2019
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

Beating depreciation: performance cars that cost nothing to own

Steep depreciation is the price for buying a brand-new car, but carefully selected second-hand ones come with virtually a money-back guarantee

13 April 2019

Top dependable bangers for under £1500

Got hardly any money but need some dependable transport? Then fear not, because all sorts of cars are within reach no matter how meagre your budget…

11 April 2019

Rubber bands, nuclear & gravity: strangest ways to power a car

Take a look at the most peculiar ways in which cars have been propelled

10 April 2019

Power league: The 1000 horsepower club

Cars that featured engines with 1000 horsepower or more used to be extremely rare and extremely expensive. Today, a new breed of machines is filling the ranks - and many are powered by electricity

9 April 2019
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ


Lap time: 6:44:97

Fastest ever Nurburgring lap times - the definitive rundown

Lamborghini has reclaimed the road car Nürburgring lap record with the hottest version of its Aventador supercar, setting a time of 6min 44.97sec; take a look below for the categorised records

8 April 2019
Caffeine and Machine Lamborghini Murcielago
Caffeine and Machine is a pitstop with a difference

The man behind motoring's newest weekend destination

We talk to the man who runs Caffeine & Machine, a refreshing watering hole in the heart of Shakespeare country becoming a popular stop for car fans

7 April 2019


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